T.J. Murphy

Grateful Dead Archivist
Illegitimate grandson of Jack Lalanne

    Grateful Murph's Rock Creek Manifesto

Respectfully, while I love Ophelia and Stage Fright, and recently learned The Shape I'm In, and despite the fact that I'm also partial to Bob Dylan's Senor, It's All Over Now Baby Blue, and Forever Young, and Neil Young's Powderfinger, I'm not advocating for non-Dead material.

I am under the impression that we have embarked on a mission to become a competitive Grateful Dead band.

In terms of our whole set list, I'm the one who has the fewest songs to sing, and I like to sing as much as any of y'all. We seem to be working to correct this, while trying to add newer Dead material. You all have plenty of non-Dead material to sing.

If you don't have Dead songs to sing, that is a problem that might best be corrected by you learning Dead songs

at least until this Dead approach is abandoned.