You never forget the first time a song really moves you. Myself, I'll never forget the first time I listened to the theme of that 70's detective series, "Barney Miller". The trumpet lead sealed the deal--I was 7, and ready to try my luck in the trumpet section of the school band. In high school I was introduced to jazz improvisation, attending clinics with musicians such as Dizzy Gilespie and Buddy Rich. During this time I was once again inspired by a song--the drumming on Dire Strait's "Sultans of Swing". I decided that drums were the way to go. It was around this time that I attended my first Grateful Dead concert. Looking back, I'm not sure I really "got it". The music was great, but I wasn't very familiar with the bands repertoire. However, the improvisation kept my attention. As I went to more and more Grateful Dead shows, I began to realize that the very lack of a predetermined repertoire, arrangement, or chord progression were what MADE this music so special. These guys were masters of improvisation, and had managed to combine the excitement of totally-unexpected-left-turn-improvisation with the familiar grooves of rock and blues. The rhythms created by Mickey Hart and Bill Krutzman have been a source of inspiration for me ever since. Music has influenced my life in so many ways; it's hard to imagine where and who I would be today without it. I have much gratitude for the amazing experiences I've been through, both as a musician and in other roles within the music industry. I worked as the Drum Technician and Lighting Director for Robin Trower's 1997 Summer Tour, worked on radio promotions for a number of artists including Todd Rundgren and Big Mountain, and have engineered recordings for a variety of independent bands. My drumming appears on CD releases by Eric Maring, The Tree Surgeons, Kairos, DJ Romeo, Fears For Art, and my other current band, Liquid Lobster. More information about these projects can be found at