Rick Briefs

All Around Handyman

    I have been playing since about 8 y.o., School bands etc. Started playing in "gigging" bands in my early teens. In the 70's, it was all Heavy/Prog Rock. From '79 to '84 it was Power Pop & New Wave music. A BIG change for me, I learned the importance of restraint & "minimal" playing, Popcraft and "playing to the song". Late 80's I was educated in the Blues, have loved it ever since! Our Blues band played together, off & on, from '89 until last year...Lots of fun gigs and met lots of great musicians. Also from about '93 to '97, played in a couple of "Alternative Rock" bands. Since about '99 on, it's been all Blues & Country, currently playing with "The Rock Creek Band". A nice mix of Blues, Country, and lots of Grateful Dead.