My bio is much shorter since I am (by far) the youngest of this band. My first instrument was the cello at the age of 9. By the time I got to high school I realized you couldn't play a lot of rock 'n roll on a cello. After I quit playing cello my parents gave me a Fender Musicmaster bass for Christmas and I knew that I had found my instrument. I learned to play the bass by playing along with a French boogie-woogie album (among other blues and classic rock records). I also played at my church, as well as with some friends from my high school. But it wasn't until I went off to college that I really learned to play the bass. Armed with a beautiful new used jazz bass that I still use today, I set off for Chicago. Upon arrival, I saw a sign advertising an interest meeting for the North Park College Jazz Band. I thought, hey maybe they could use a second bass player and I could learn stuff and meet other musicians. Turns out they didn't have a single bass player and I was it. It was a baptism by fire but by the end of four years I had learned how to read music, met my wife (who was the drummer in the jazz band), learned lots of jazz theory, and had picked up the upright bass. After graduation, I played in various rock bands but had to sever those ties when we moved to Maryland so that Karna (my wife) could attend law school at American University. My bass gathered dust in the corner of our small apartment until I saw the Rock Creek Band ad in the paper and decided to answer it. The rest is history.