The Freestate Houserockers from Beltsville, Maryland, are a full-tilt traditional blues / boogie band.

The Next Step: Keeping "The Dead" Alive

Randy Adams
Guitar and Vocals

Tom Ericsson
Vocals, Harmonicas,

Bass Guitar

TJ Murphy
Vocals and Keyboards

Tom Bollinger
More than just a band or a rock show, The Next Step have become a touchstone for the east coast Grateful Dead community -- providing a safe place where people who used to travel across the country to see The Dead can gather with their friends and hear their favorite music brought to life with respect, creativity, and dynamic energy. The Next Step's regular shows on Mondays, formerly at the Bayou in Georgetown -- Washington D.C. have become an essential stop for "Deadheads" visiting the nation's capital.

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Unfortunately the band that maintains this site broke up in January, 2003, and they haven't had any new additions since then. Still worth taking a look at, though.

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One of Old Man Rick's many musical side activities outside of The Rock Creek Band, is regularly sitting in with this fun bunch. They play a lot (more than I can keep up with, actually), mostly in southern Maryland and northern Virginia. We only do a few Dead tunes, but hey, they usually go over well.

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