Keyboard, Vocals

In order to understand this bio, you need to read Bob's bio first. The original Rock Creek Band lasted from 1979 until around 1982. When the band folded, partly out of exhaustion, and partly because bands tend to last for a predestined period of time, Rick, Bob and I formed a couple of other bands with different players. We first played country, then Rick decided to leave, and it was Bob and I continuing on. Eventually Bob left too. He retired from life as an active musician. I even stopped for awhile. In 1992, I formed a band called the Jaguars. The Jaguars were a trio playing a lot of country and variety music. That band worked on a pretty steady basis until 1997. I always kept in touch with Rick and Bob. Rick even came to see the Jaguars on one occasion, and I stopped by to see Rick's band Blaze. I stopped playing music until about 1999. At that time, I contacted Rick and Bob in separate conversations about starting a band. Rick was still busy with Blaze, what he was doing you will have to check his bio. Bob even sat in with me one time in trying to form a new band, but he forgot about the second rehearsal, and I knew he still was not ready to come to work. Any way, I formed the After Eight Band, playing country, classic rock and the blues. The After Eight Band began to work every weekend. When you work that often you begin to sound good. Now Bob came to see After Eight at the Outta the Way Cafe, and I assumed that he liked what he heard, because he indicated he was interested in playing music again. Rick also came out to see us. Rick even sat in with us at a gig. He and Scott, the guitar player from After Eight, sounded great together. However, as bands do, After Eight was ready to break up having worked pretty steady from 2000 through 2002. But After Eight had found a great drummer, Doc. Rick and Bob had mentioned to me in separate conversations that they wanted to play the Grateful Dead again. The result, Rock Creek Band was reformed with Doc onboard as our drummer. Barbara was ready to add some harmonies and Lukas joined us as our bass player after answering an ad in the City Paper. And here we are. Hope you join us!