Drums, Harmonica, Vocals

"I came, I listened, I made music."? Learned how to play accordion (by ear) at about 3 or 4. But as I listened to my older brother's Chess and Prom records, I realized that I am a drummer. I bought my first real drumsticks at 8, my first peppermint-stripped snare drum at 11, and joined my first "...billy" Band the next day. No cymbals, bass or toms, just my snare. Man that 3-piece band rocked. All the drunks at Fat Grew's Bar loved us. But, because of poverty, I couldn't afford a complete kit. So, I spent most of my stick time in the high school marching band learning a little theory, reading and rudiment development. Funny, I still feel the excitement of powering the big brass horn and woodwind sections along a long parade route. I also enjoyed my time singing in chorus, mixed ensemble and boys barbershop quartet where I developed a flair for hearing and creating vocal harmonies. The quartet would travel all over Western PA singing for meatloaf and mashed potatoes. We were quite the sound and sight spectacle. Since then I've played in lots of bands, singing, playing drums and tooting the harmonica. Oh, yeah, the harp was an early hand-me-down skill, taught to me by my father who, with my uncle, used to sing and tell jokes as Vaudevillian blackface comedians, playing harmonicas and concertinas and singing. So I guess the banana doesn't fall far from the tree. After graduating from high school, I played in various rock and blues bands, settling in for a long stretch with several tuxedo trios that played weddings, Mitsfas and parties, allowing me to support my professional education through Chiropractic college. So now I'm playing music and using my hands at both work and music. I've been musical in Rock Creek Band since winter of 2002. I enjoy it as it allows me the ability to use my various musical talents playing some really interesting folk, blues, rock and even a little taste of jazz. Very cool!