I started out playing Cello in middle school orchestra. I liked the sound of a Cello pretty much. One day a fellow classmate joined our orchestra with a stand-up bass. I liked the sound of it, and encouraged him to teach me. I started playing some swing on a Cello at home, and dad showed me how to play a walking bass line.

I stopped playing Cello after middle school, and when I was 18 I got an electric bass. Being from North Carolina I've always had an interest in southern rock and blues. From my grandfather I picked up an interest in real country and big band.

A couple of years ago a friend of mine needed a pickup bass player for a memorial day gig in West Va. That led to my position of full time bass player with the Freestate Houserockers. Another member of the Houserockers is in Rock Creek Unplugged and they needed a regular bass player. So here I am.